Ten reasons to join our Business Boot Camp

by | Jun 4, 2018

1. Make a plan! Sort stuff out and reduce the stress Have you got lots of ideas in your head? Not sure where to start, what needs to be done first and too many priorties, urgent stuff, operational things getting in the way, and, and, and…..Included in the crazy price, is a consult with either Phil or Douwe beforehand. A chance to take a breath, get some perspective and work out the priority items that will really start helping you see change in your business. Nothing like getting a plan in place to reduce the stress levels!

2. Figure out what sometimes holds you back! We’ll do some mindset stuff, and provide you with tools to turn this awareness into forward motion.

3. Learn new stuff! We will introduce new tools to help you look at your business, and your objectives. We will have subjects on sales and marketing, financials, personality (you, your team, prospects and clients) and lots of other know-how that you can apply directly into your business.

4. Mastermind – Stuck on something? Put it out to the group, and don’t forget, included in the price of the ticket is another session with Phil or a Douwe, to get you out of a hole!

5. Share and contribute – You get to talk about you! We encourage interaction and knowledge sharing within the group.

6. Expert Advice – Not only will you have the benefit of the knowledge of other members in the group, there will also be a team of experts on hand to jump in and get you moving again should you require.

7. Get stuff done! Together we will figure out the big goals, and really get you moving. In the Bootcamp, not only do you have an accountability buddy, but you’re kinda accountable to the rest in the group too! No procrastination/ lack of urgency here!

8. New connections and networking. Meet and work with other business owners like you! Through this people get to know you. You’ll walk out with new network of friends in business, that understand what you want to do, and can assist you with their connections. Two-way street of course! Sharing the love is what it’s all about.

9. FUN – At Love Your Business, not only do we want to bring the love back in your business if it’s gone AWOL, but also bring the fun in to it as well. Yes you will be working on your business, yes you will be getting shit done, yes you will be held accountable, but you won’t be on your own, you will be connecting, meeting new people, building relationships and most of all have FUN doing it!

10. Crazy Value at $564 for a 12-weeks value packed programme, less than $47 per week! For what we have lined up for you, and the potential (financial) outcome for yourself and your business, this really is a bargain!

11. What are you waiting for?


Mindset is Everything!

Be Bold is a break through mindset philosophy and method developed by Love Your Business. It is the foundation of all the coaching work we do with business owners and their teams. When applied it is GUARANTEED to create sustainable results in business and in life.

Most people complicate life (and business!), but in essence it's simple. Keep applying the Be Bold principles and tools, and you will see results, MASSIVE RESULTS!

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