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Let’s work together to amplify your advisory. A progressive series of coaching programmes to accelerate your advisory journey.  Practical and hands-on. Small groups, high levels of support, lots of knowledge, experience and skills to share. Great ROI. 

About You

You are exploring or have joined the GAP Advisory platform and community to scale your advisory

You are exploring or have already started the journey into Advisory as an accountant or team member 

✓ You are keen to learn more practical skills and know-how involved with business advisory and coaching 

You are keen to develop all-round leadership skills, for yourself, your team and to use with your clients as well

You are open to massive support, tools and ideas to accelerate your growth in advisory services 

Amplifying Your  Advisory – Programmes

Our programme series is designed to supercharge growth in Advisory services for accounting firms. Whether you’re new to advising or a seasoned pro, these programmes are for you. They’re not just for advisors – anyone in your firm can join in.

The programme series focuses on equipping participants with vital coaching and advisory skills, along with strategic business knowledge. These skills are directly relevant to client work, leading to tangible results for both advisors and businesses.

Building on existing training videos, masterclasses, and resources provided by The Gap Platform, this programme series enhances your capabilities to deliver impactful advisory services.



 > Introduction to Amplifying Advisory – 3-week workshop series $300 + GST per seat. Next intake 8th May/15th May/22nd May

> Be Bold Leadership Kickstarter – 12-week (12 session) programme $1800 plus GST per seat (around $600 plus GST per month). Next intake 5th June. 

> Advisory Accelerator – 10-week (6 fortnightly sessions) programme $1500 plus GST per seat (around $500 plus GST per month)

> Advisory Amplifyer (Pilot) – Ongoing, fortnightly sessions,  from $500 plus GST per month

Coaching and Advisory Skills

Emphasising an action-oriented approach, the programme series uses applied and experiential learning methods. Douwe’s extensive experience, spanning over a decade in business advisory and empowerment coaching following a long career of business management and operations, and business ownership, lends a practical and results-driven dimension to the sessions. 

“Douwe is confident, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and empathic” says Nathan Maisey CA, director of Maisey Harris & Co, Hamilton, New Zealand.

“I’m very happy with Douwe’s coaching and advisory for myself. Going forward I plan to engage Douwe to work with teams across the organisation on (self)leadership development” says Bridget Boshier, CA, Director of Bailey Ingham Ltd, Otorohanga, New Zealand.

The programme series builds on Masterclasses, How-to-videos, Resources and Processes provided by The Gap platform. Douwe, a Gap member himself, is very enthusiastic about leveraging The Gap platform’s best practice resources.


Small Workshop Settings


The programme series is delivered in small group settings of 6-8 participants to ensure high levels of support, interaction and personal attention.  The programmes are delivered via zoom from New Zealand and available worldwide.  

Here’s some feedback on the Be Bold Leadership Development that is an integral part of the Amplifying Your Advisory series:

Ready to Ramp Up Your Advisory? 

 Mark Jenkins is an experienced accountant and advisor and co-founder The Gap platform. Here’s his thoughts:


Introduction to Amplifying Advisory

Join this 3-week workshop series covering some foundations, and get a taste of what it’s like working together!

Be Bold in Advisory: Increased understanding of growth mindset and (self) leadership. Understand what happens and what is required to get out of your comfort zone in terms of stepping up in advisory and coaching

The Ultimate Advisor: Increased understanding of your identity and your new Advisor identity. Basic understanding of using various personality traits in Advisory processes (including Sales and Client management). Identify growth opportunities. 

Increasing Advisory Sales: Understanding how to get more prospects and clients to say ‘yes’ to Advisory services (including higher value and longer term products). Increased understanding of Trust-based Selling. 

Your investment: only $300 plus GST

Next intake: Wed 8th May/ 15th May/22nd May 10.30am-11.30am


Douwe Hoogstra

As an experienced business advisor and high-performance coach, I’m deeply committed to helping you achieve your business and personal goals. I’m very passionate about personal development, and have great enthusiasm and energy to help empower others to succeed. 

I’ve been in business management, business operations and ownership since my mid-twenties with businesses with more than 65 staff, and have successfully grown and operated a number of my own small businesses also. I’ve been in coaching and advisory for the last 10+ years, partnering with a broad variety of SMB’s, and I’m very keen to share the combined expertise and skills with fellow professionals and their teams. 

If you’re ready to accelerate your advisory journey, let’s connect today! Together, we can speed up your growth journey, ensuring it’s not just faster, but better and safer too.

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