Love Your Business has helped transform many businesses and business owners to love everything about what they do.

I am not your typical business coach/ advisor. Utilising the proven Be Bold Mindset tools, combined with the years of business experience and working in a partnership model with yourself and your team, ensures we achieve the results you are looking for.


  • Unblocking frustration, procrastination, or resentment towards your business
  • Creating real financial goals and results
  • Business strategies to achieve growth, more profit or time away from your business
  • Exit and succession plans
  • Accountability and action plans to achieve the results
  • Effective marketing and sales plans
  • Understanding your numbers and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Various projects to help you forward your business faster


  • Significant Business Experience
  • Result Driven Coaching
  • Be Bold Mindset Program
  • Simple and Result Focused Agreements
  • Double Your Profits Program
  • Great Track Record
  • 100% Return on Your Investment Guarantee


How big do I need to be to get Business Coaching?

I work with any size business, from start-ups to mature businesses with 50 staff. The only prerequisites that the Business Owner is really committed to achieving the goals and that there is a strong business case for working together with a good return on your investment in coaching.

What type of businesses can you coach?

We can coach a wide range of businesses from trades to professional services. Our team have all had significant experience in a wide range of industries. It is useful to note that often we get the best results when it is a new industry to us as we will come with a different perspective.

How much do you charge?

Our fees vary and range depending on the scope of the work (goals and results required). One rule of thumb we work by is that we will never take on a client if we cannot hand on heart guarantee a 100% return on any fees we may charge.

Can you coach me onsite or online?

Both. I work with a number clients face-to-face around the Waikato, Auckland and BOP Regions. This is supplemented with online coaching. I lot of coaching online with other clients based around New Zealand and even some in Australia. Using online zoom calls, gives us the flexibility to work around the best outcome (results) for you.

Are your contracts locked in?

No. We believe in a value partnership where both parties create a win/win scenario and create ongoing value. We have a long term view, and with most clients I work with longer term to help with business planning as well as implementation. I ask for a minimum of 3 month engagement to ensure we can demonstrate and achieve early traction. After that it is a month by month subscription with fees relevant to my input and the value/results you as the business owner is receiving.

Do you only work with the Business Owner?

Usually I would work with the Business Owner(s) directly, as a big part of our Business Coaching is empowering, motivating and exciting Business Owners to lead their team to bigger and better results.  However I also often work the spouses or team in terms of leadership development programmes, or to support the projects we are doing together. I am very hands-on, and happy to get involved to achieve the results you are after.

How much time do I need to allow?

it is important that you treat any time allocated to the Business coaching as working ON your business. This time may vary depending on the results you wish to achieve.  We will often meet either weekly or fortnightly with you to keep the momentum flowing. However I think it is important to keep momentum between meetings, and therefore in-between meetings I am available via phone or e-mail or whatsapp to help with questions, thoughts, or any urgent advice & coaching.

What is the Be Bold Mindset Program?

This is a unique and simple to understand mindset programme developed by Love Your Business. The programme is a philosophy and toolkit that is guaranteed to deliver results. We use it to help Business Owners to reduce stress, overwhelm, anxiety, procrastination and a whole wide range of ‘issues’ that hold Business Owners back from achieving their desired results. More info here.

What's thE EASIEST WAY TO find out more? - FREE DiSCOVERY CALL

I offer a free discovery session to understand your business and determine the best approach for you. This meeting is to establish if there is a good ‘click’ between us, and find out if there is a good business case for us to work together.  If that is confirmed, I will create a proposal, which we can then discuss in a follow-up meeting. All the while there is absolutely no-obligation to proceed. I like to take the time to understand your business properly and I do this free-of-charge, to make sure that there is the foundation and potential for a longer term working relationship.  


If it is time to grow yourself and your business then get in touch! 

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