Which zone are you in?

by | Nov 15, 2018

“Once you are aware that you are moving towards the red you can change it quickly, but if you don’t know or don’t have the tools to choose you are always going to be in the red.”  A client of Douwe’s recently said after completing some of our Be Bold Mindset programme

Red or Green?
The red he refers to here is the red zone, that place that can be a struggle, may be overwhelm in there, stress, anxiety and where your core beliefs are really running the show.  The opposite? The opposite is the green zone…..

The zone, where the creativity flows, the opportunities come up, you get those feelings of fulfilment and achievement.  It’s where the magic happens….

Life, business, relationships, kids, loved ones, hobbies, passions, whatever we are doing day by day, moment by moment we are living in one of those zones….

Where do you generally hang out?  Do you get glimpses of the green? But before long you are in that red zone of overwhelm, procrastination, confusion, maybe snapping at those around you and those glimpses of the green zone seem like a faded distant holiday memory?

Or maybe its not all that bad, and you are mooching along in the orangey/brown bit in between, nothing too bad, but nothing too outstanding either…., are you really okay with that?

Tools, Coaching and Support – Pod Coaching

To get this material, awareness and tools out to more people, we have created a small group online coaching pod. This will help people make those changes which will ultimately give them a lot more control over their business as well as their life.

If you are keen to learn tools that will help you keep your head in the game, moment to moment and start seeing what a difference this makes in your life, relationships and business, jump on this four week online coaching programme!

Come and get some clear understanding around what may be holding you back from enjoying the benefits, the good stuff and the FUN that the green zone holds!  Grab your spot for the next one here

We will kick off as soon as we have six…..  Who do you know that may be keen, or email [email protected] if you would like to talk about organising some coaching for your team.

Mindset is Everything!

Be Bold is a break through mindset philosophy and method developed by Love Your Business. It is the foundation of all the coaching work we do with business owners and their teams. When applied it is GUARANTEED to create sustainable results in business and in life.

Most people complicate life (and business!), but in essence it's simple. Keep applying the Be Bold principles and tools, and you will see results, MASSIVE RESULTS!

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