How comfortable is your comfort zone?

by | May 25, 2018

We’d just finished breakfast on Friday, Phil and I, and we were walking to the office, and there was this sign. I’m not even sure what zone we were in that was ending, but it got us talking about change and comfort zones….

Change has a way of making us feel uncomfortable. The bigger the change required the worse it seems to get! We immediately find ways not to go ahead with things we say we want and are committed to. We procrastinate and sabotage. We are masters at that. It’s part of the human condition.

Why is this? It’s our internal alarm system as well as our core beliefs that are making us feel this way. In a funny way our system is telling us to avoid particular situations. It has great benefits. It is what has kept us safe so far, but it also keeps us in a certain behaviour pattern. If you want real and substantial change, something needs to give.

Understand that the stuff that happened in your past, affects your future. Events in life are just that…’events’..something that has happened…but we often made it mean something about us. So if you charge ahead without giving attention to past events, it’s like an elastic band, and you generally will ping back to the place you came from, or worse backwards!

So pay attention! Do some work, and figure out who is running the show?
Feelings are actually great access points to growth. Once you get some awareness around which situation or events created some of these, you’ll be able to distinguish when you actually need to listen, or when you could decide to ‘lean into’ the uncomfortable a little bit.

There is a lot more to this obviously. But the breakthroughs are where uncomfortability begins. That is where the opportunities are. And before long the uncomfortable now, becomes the new comfortable!

If you’re interested to find out more about how to be OK with the uncomfortable, and how to use this to make shifts in your life and business, make that first step today and get in touch!


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