Liz Fry

I am a massive people person. I have a wide range of experience and jobs, from Nursing to teaching English in Sri Lanka, from working in a prison to running a pub. The common thread running through them all is about working with people, supporting them, coaching them, connecting them.

As an experienced personal coach and connector, I am proud to be working alongside Phil and Douwe in Love Your Business, and am a firm believer in the Be Bold mindset programme. I enjoy connecting Phil and Douwe with business owners who need a boost and more energy in their life and business, as well as helping coordinate behind the scenes! I also assist with personal coaching, the facilitation of the Be Bold programme in the pods and support the Taranaki Retreat in their work.


Sue B, Business Owner, Auckland

“I found myself to be in the fortunate position of coming into contact with Liz as part of a venture I am engaged in. Liz helped me by listening, providing some advice and guidance. She is truly passionate about helping others and I would recommend her services.”

Liz W, Coach, Auckland

“I just want to say thank you for introducing me to Nikki. We had the most amazing day today. We work together so well. So thanks!”

P: +6421449832
E: [email protected]


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Mindset is Everything!

Be Bold is a break through mindset philosophy and method developed by Love Your Business. It is the foundation of all the coaching work we do with business owners and their teams. When applied it is GUARANTEED to create sustainable results in business and in life.

Most people complicate life (and business!), but in essence it's simple. Keep applying the Be Bold principles and tools, and you will see results, MASSIVE RESULTS!

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