11 Business Hacks To Help Your Business Thrive!

Understand what is really holding your business back.

Unfortunately the reality is it’s probably you! In our experience many businesses are on the verge of thriving but the beliefs, mindset and actions of the owners is what is holding the business back. So have a good look at yourself as a business owner and seek to understand what your limiting beliefs are.

Hack # 1 – Understand yourself more

Watch these videos http://www.evolvedleadership.com.au/eltv/

Spend time working ON the business
Many business owners spend all their time working IN the business. That is on the tools, floor etc and ‘stuck’ in the daily grind of keeping the doors open. Start spending some time working ON the business. Overviewing the strategy, putting a game plan in place and introducing new ideas and thoughts. We always recommend that this is done outside of the business premises. It could be a coffee meeting to get the ideas flowing.

Hack #2 – Allocate regularly some time to work ON your business

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Stop procrastinating!
Many business owners we work with have a common theme of procrastination. Even if you’re not a procrastinator we find many business owners are inefficient with their time and spend a heap of time burning rubber rather than Thriving. Why not create an Ideal Week? Design your week to get the things done you want to get done and make sure you lock in times for working ON your business (see Hack # 2)

Hack #3 – Plan your Ideal Week

Download the Ideal Week template at the Loving Your Business closed Facebook Group [I will put it up as a file]
Click here to join the group

Plan for every day and Get S#!t Done
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin. Being prepared (planned) for the day, week, month, quarter or year is vital to a Thriving business. Business Owners can have thousands of things running through their minds daily. The ‘To Do’ lists could be huge and it’s easy to let some slip. We are all human after all! So make sure you lock in 5 – 10 minutes at the start and the end of the day to review your plan and tasks. Record tasks and tick them off! There is nothing more powerful than ticking something off your list!

Hack #4 – Plan your daily and weekly tasks

Download a weekly task planner template at the Loving Your Business closed Facebook Group Click here to join the group Stop doing the things you don’t want to do How much of your valuable time is spent doing things you shouldn’t be doing? Do you spend time doing tasks that you don’t enjoy, and not doing the things you should be doing?

Hack #5 – Be Authentic

Download a Stop, Start, More/ Less template at the Loving Your Business closed Facebook Group Be authentic in your business There is a huge movement with businesses to be more authentic. Staff, customers and suppliers all react well to a level of authenticity. BUT don’t be a victim and a whinger as no one really wants to deal with these types of people! Be humble, authentic and Love Your Business more.

Hack #6 – Practice being more Authentic in your business

Listen to this IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review https://hbr.org/2007/05/harvard-business-ideacast-43-a.html Spend time growing your staff (and yourself) For many businesses your staff can be your biggest asset. Invest in their growth and development. BUT ensure that the training (internal or external) has a real and measurable Return on Investment for the business. BUT also make sure as a business owner you also invest in growing your own skills, knowledge and experience too!

Hack #7 – Forget about the HOW

Read this great article https://loveyourbusiness.co.nz/business/what-the-how/ Good huh!?

Hack #8 – Ask for help

Join the Loving Your Business closed Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/LovingYourBusiness/

Hack #9 – Increase Your Prices by 5%, NOW!

Understand what customers want Do you understand what your customers really want? If you are not sure then ask them! Surveying your customers can be a great way to find out what they actually want. Never assume – it’s a dangerous thing to do in business.

Hack #10 – Know what your customers really want

Do a survey with https://www.surveymonkey.com

Hack #11 – Grow your staff and YOURSELF

Join the THRIVE – 6-Month To Success program click here for more information Ask for more help to grow your business Unfortunately it is human nature to resist asking for help. Aunty Google does not have the answer to everything. Nothing is more powerful than a human mind at work. Two heads are always better than one, so put your ego aside and ask for help! Surround yourself with a community of like-minded people and get access to coaching and professional advice. Forget about the HOW “How is the death nail to any possibility” – Sally Anderson. Many business do not Thrive because they get bogged down in the HOW before making the decision. Businesses that Thrive tend to make a decision, do their homework and during this process the how always shows up.

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