Double Your Profits

Double Your Profits
In 12 Months

Build your business into a profit making
machine. It is time for your business to give
you the return it should be.

Double Your Profits in 12 months.

Double Your Profits in 12 Months

Build your business into a profit making
machine. Is it time for your business to give
you the return it should be?
Double Your Profits in 12 months.

Is it time for your business to step up and make the profits it should be?

It is a simple yet a powerful question, isn’t it? And an extremely important one for many business owners. If you are reading this, you are wanting your business to produce more profits with less stress.

Because that’s why you went into business right?

So, business has been OK so far. But do you know how much profit you COULD be making with some simple tweaks?

Here’s your situation: You know that your business can make more profit but you don’t exactly know HOW or it seems far too HARD to warrant what little time you currently have.

So how do you Double Your Profits?

There is the HARD way and the EASY way…

…the team at Love Your Business have a simple, yet effective method of helping you figure out what needs to be done to Double Your Profits. This combined with the Uncompromising Friendship that a Love Your Business Coach provides = More PROFIT, More TIME & way More FUN!


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Bring profits into your business with ease

Double Your Profits is a unique  program that guides you through a process to engage your business into a profit-making machine. During this 3-phase program, we look under the hood and help DIAGNOSE what is going on, then put into place some epic ACTIONS to produce and SUSTAIN outstanding results. We teach you the simple profit secrets that has seen our clients achieve significant results.


Look under the hood
Discover what your business is making and how easy it is to Double Your Profits.
Understand what you WANT your business to be creating.
Learn what key elements are holding your business back.


Create your Profit Action Plan
Discover what an effective Action Plan looks like.
Understand why many plans fail and how to avoid this.
Learn how to Action your Double Your Profits plan.


Sustain your Profit momentum
Discover what road blocks can hinder your Profits.
Understand why many of these roadblocks are easy to navigate.
Learn how to sustain your changes to Double Your Profits.


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This is how starting the Double Your Profits program will change your life

Imagine what it would be like to:
  • Doubling Your Profits EASILY without having to make any HUGE risks;
  • Make simple tweaks that generate significant long-term returns for you and your family;
  • Generate more money to do the things that you want to do;
  • Have more time to spend your extra profits!
  • Get coached by leaders who have created their own success and can show you the way;
  • Reduce your stress, overwhelm and worry about your business;
  • Significantly increase the value of your business;
  • Love Your Business like never before!

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Spaces are VERY Limited



You’ll get instant access to:


Because your business is special to you our coaches will have weekly one on one sessions with you. Our coaches are your Uncompromising Friend in that they are relentless with ensuring you achieve your goals but also your friend as we understand what it is like being a business owner.


We teach our clients to be a demand. Ask questions, share concerns or plans 24/7 via e-mail and we will come back to you as soon as possible.


Our team have many resources in the toolkit to help you Double Your Profits. These are included in the program.


I’m Ready

Act fast – only 10 places left


“Ellyn had been taking care of our accounts for years, and just late last year, she implemented an awesome cash flow method that has completely transformed our business, providing us with a clear, real-time overview of profit, cash flow and operations. New systems have saved us time and made us more money, allowing us to focus on growing the business. And that’s just what we’ve done, we’ve grown 300% in 18 months which is beyond exciting.

The Cash Flow allocation method has structured our business correctly for growth, something I wish we’d done from day one. I would strongly recommend Ellyn to help any business, established, or starting up.”

Online Subscription Based Business


We do NOT take on any clients where we do not feel confident that we can generate a minimum of a 100% Return on your investment. So please do not be offended if you are not accepted into the Double Your Profits program.

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